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Jacqueline Hunt Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration HHS 201 Health and Human Services Katherine Martinek December 11, 2013 Diversity, inequality, and immigration are a vital part of human services. Diversity and equality is important aspect in our lives because we live in a diverse society and need to be able to respond appropriate and sensitive to diversity. Immigration is a complex issue and confuses many individuals. Even though our country has come a long way with overcoming racism, we still have some that continue to live in the past were segregation still remains. In the human service field diversity is foundation's base. It provides support and services to people in need, human services help everyone celebrate and embrace differences. It is part of corporate culture. Diversity extends beyond the services provided. Each person has a unique cultural background. By focusing on diversity we are able to promote culture acceptance. Another way to implement diversity in human service field begins on the first day of employment. When the concept of diversity is made clear the importance of nature, acceptance of diversity will be an expectation. Diversity is universal, it present people receiving and providing services. Diversity transcend race and gender which is included as a department priority. The overall view of ethnicity allows race to be used socially marking groups based on physical differences. It is important for Human Service worker to seek and understand how each individual person is affected by his or her ethnicity. Working with individuals from different culture background; it is best to familiarize yourself with their culture by reading. Immigration is more abundant today than it was in 1910. Illegal immigrants often suffer with low pay because they are afraid if they complain they will be reported to immigration authorities.

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