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Victor Pyles 11/5/13 S.S.S (11:00-11:50) Assignment 4 Fight For Diversity I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the word "diversity" before but they don’t know exactly what it is. Thats the why I’m here, to let you know what diversity is and give a few examples of it. Diversity means a variety in anything but mainly a variety of people. People can be diverse by having different ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, age, gender, sexual preference, and class background. All these people being involved in an effort, activity, working situation, or educational or living community together makes them diverse. People who are differently abled, such as "disabled" people, both mentally and physically: so this would include people with spinal cord injuries, people who are deaf, or who can't speak, or are developmentally disabled, or are alcoholics, or bi-polar, or schizophrenic, or in any way mentally ill, or chronically ill people in bad pain, people with genetic disorders, and all other kinds of disorders or disabilities are diverse also. The idea of these people mixing and mingling and working with and living with each other makes them diverse too. This shows that there are many ways to have a diverse setting in a workplace, hospital, a University of Akron classroom, a bus, swimming pool, prison, etc. Although there are many ways to be diverse, there are still many areas where we lack diversity. The lack of diversity that bothers me the most is having to be with people the same age as me. People need to mix the ages up more. We are very "ageist" in the U.S. because if you think about it, from school, with the exception of college, to sports, we are in the same group with people of the same age. Another thing we must work on to become more diverse is the U.S class system. Some people think they’re better than others just because they’re in a better economic

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