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Learning about diversity in the classroom has somewhat broadened my perspective on the subject matter. My general assessment of everyone, concluded that there are three males and ten females (tutor included), of which four are Caucasians (3 females and 1 male), and the rest African descent (Caribbean and British) including two males and me. There are Christians as well as non-Christians, one Buddhist; heterosexuals and one homosexual male; also singles and married men and women (with or without children); and the ages within the group range from mid to late 20’s and up to mid-50’s. As far as I am aware, no one has verbally expressed his or her disapproval of me. However, telling from my accent, one can detect that I am not from the United Kingdom and the people in my Level 3 Group are certainly aware of my country of origin, by now. People’s perception of my different attributes and physical make-up does not deter or hinder me in anyway, as I am happy within myself and comfortable with who I am. Additionally, my age, job and marital status, religious affiliation, skin colour, gender and lifestyle, are distinct identifiable differences that make up the description of myself. All of these unique qualities distinguish me from other human beings, as no two people are exactly alike. Therefore, they are my intrinsic identification on this earth. Consequently, it is important to me, that people accept my uniqueness, beliefs, self-concept and individualism and appreciating and trying to understand who I am as a person. Nevertheless, if people refuse to accept me it is at their loss because they will deprive themselves of getting to know a beautiful person, inside and out. Furthermore, what matters, is how I perceive myself to be in the sight of God and significant others. This way, I am assured that no conditions of worth or rejection will change my

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