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The business case for diversity offers a more effective way of managing diversity in organisations than other approaches. Discuss. Within an organisation there is a continuous yet growing interest in workplace diversity. Johnston and Packard’s influential report in 1987 ‘Workforce 2000’, made organizations aware to the major demographic changes that were changing and effected the workforce. Prasad states ‘that managing diversity in a work place brings many dilemmas, so management, businesses, educators and organisational consultants are confronted with constant changes’ (Prasad, 1997). Today’s workforce is different from the past, where various methods had been tried out. Current organisation has a number of different issues concerning diversity and would need to address people’s age, ethnicity, religion, gender and class. This essay will discuss the cases of diversity and its effectiveness in an organisation and how modern theories such as the feminist theories have helped organisation’s solutions in dealing with each situation. There is a number of ways to describe diversity; one of these is that diversity is all the ways in which people are different from one another. This includes characteristics such as race, mental/physical abilities, sexual orientation, age and gender. This also included acquired characteristics such as income, work experience, education and location. “It recognizes everyone and every group as part of the diversity that should be valued” (Wentling, 1997). Diversity Management is a process which is intended to maintain and create a productive and positive work environment where an employee’s individuality is valued, which in turn helps them reach their potential and maximizes their efforts while working within the organisation. Managing diversity includes the improvement of opportunity for all individuals not just those in minority

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