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Introduction By 2050, the proportional shares shift quite dramatically. Less than 53 percent would be non-Hispanic White; 16 percent would be Black; 23 percent would be Hispanic origin; 10 percent would be Asian and Pacific Islander; and about 1 percent would be American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut (DAY, 2011). This fact should be considered by any stakeholder of U.S.A let alone businesses. Dylan Diamonds face the diversity dilemma which would not only create problems within the organization but also negatively impact their customers. Dylan Diamonds is facing issues of not having the right sales consultant; they are having trouble retaining their employees; they are unable to hold women in their top level management and lastly losing high turnovers from minority customers. Managing diversity of employees can be a competitive advantage for Dylan Diamonds. Diversity of employees can bring Dylan unique knowledge and perspectives on organizational functioning. Moreover, with a diverse workforce Dylan Diamonds would better able to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base and also reach out global markets to gain economies of scale. Before making any recommendations to solve this issue and design a diversity plan Dylan Diamonds needs to consider few questions. Dylan Diamonds need to know whether what are their diversity objectives and goals, and who within and outside the organization would benefit from this plan. Commitment from the Top To successfully transform an organization, top level executives should adhere to the diversity plan. While it is true that many diversity programs begin at the grassroots level of an organization, CEO and top executives’ engagement is critical if a diversity effort will be successful or in any way impactful. They are responsible for the vision, mission and strategy of the business. Dylan Diamonds need to revise

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