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Terry Sams Success Strategies 03/04/13 Diversity Essay “Workplace Environment with Opposite Sexes” I had only worked with the male workforce environment as far as actually working together in a physical aspect. When I went to work at a manufacturing plant that made steering systems, the production line that I went to work on consisted of about a sixty forty ratio of men and women working on the production line. So it was men and women working side by side in a physical manner. My past experience working at a LTL freight company had mostly consisted of working on a job where women would work in the office, or come out in the work area to take inventory or bring paperwork out to distribute. Men did all the physical labor part. Yes, I know women have worked in the physical workforce for decades but I had never experience that environment first hand. Well I just didn’t know what to expect. Of course, I had never worked in a manufacturing plant either, so it was all kind of new to me. I had mostly worked as a self-employed person in the service and installation of in home satellite systems and home entertainment systems where I really didn’t have physical worked related atmosphere with women. My first thoughts were to be really careful working around women because they would not be able to handle physical fast paced labor. My first women and men working experience was with a woman who was a very physically fit and who had been in the marines. She had bulging biceps with veins popping out up and down her arms, kind of skinny my nature. So I was kind of impressed with her physical attributes and she was a very physical worker. Another woman that worked by me was kind of young like twenty two or so, not all muscular like the first lady. She did her job with ease. I thought it looked like she had an easy job. Low and behold I

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