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Religious and Ethnic Groups Religious and Ethnic Groups The purpose of this paper is to discuss. The discrimination against a religious group because on their religious beliefs, values and worship practices. A group of people should be allowed to worship and practice their beliefs in America without fear of discrimination. The religious group selected is Historically Black Churches. The ethnic group chosen are black Americans of (African descent). The traditional black church believes in Jesus is their savior (Gilmer, 2013) while other religions such as Jehovah witness believe that Jesus was a man but not their savior (Rapture Ready, 2013). Most churches including Historical Black Church attend church on Sunday, and some others such as Seventh-day Adventist attend on Saturday (Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 2013). The belief is, you attend church on Sunday because this is the day of rest. While Adventist believe in Saturday is the day of rest. The basic religious values for all these churches are compassion and love for others. They all feel the need to save your soul and convert you to their practices. All religious groups believe that their religion is more accurate than other religions, and religions tend to persecute each other because they feel that their religion is the right or best religion. All religions have different practices regarding faith, evolution, celebrations and grieving. The Historical Black Churches have contributed to the American culture through their music, celebration through services and the contributions to helping out their local communities. The church music has contributed to current hip hop, jazz and blues style of music. While it all has not been a positive style of music, many of the church feel like much of the hip hop and rap has taken a sexual connotation vs. religious. This style of music has been embedded into the

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