Diversity Essay

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Diversity is often referred to as the spice of life. There are many benefits of living in a diverse society and community. Living in a neighborhood where everybody shares the same interest would not only be stale and boring, but would also not benefit me socially and educationally. Diversity helps become a well-rounded person. In a diverse community, different individuals bring different ideas, cultures, and social relationships to the table. Therefore, I would choose to live in a diverse neighborhood rather than one where everybody is basically like me. New ideas are presented to people in a diverse community. I would learn about all different types of food, religion, and culture. Diversity in the neighborhood would help me have different points of view so that I am not constrained to one way of thinking. New ideas may also spark my interest in something that I would have never tried. For example, a person in a diverse neighborhood may introduce me to bowling. Although I have an apathetic attitude towards bowling now, it could become a new hobby due to trying new things. Life would be very dull and dreary if everyone was basically the same. None of the benefits and attributes would be presented in a neighborhood with any diversity. New ideas and knowledge lead to a balanced and positive outlook on life and would make me a fulfilled person. Due to diversity in a neighborhood, a shy outcast from New Jersey may learn how to speak a little Spanish from another child or how use “Texas terminology” from a different person. Learning about these different ways of and experiencing different cultures in a diverse neighborhood also leads to knowledge and wisdom. It would be nearly impossible to learn anything if everybody was basically like me. Learning about different morals and values of others who are different than me, my own ethics and principles would improve based

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