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The question for today is how to reward diversity in the workplace. There are many ways of rewarding good behavior such as extra vacation time, flexible hours, and compensation to name a few. But how do you rate whether someone is promoting diversity. In order to stay on top of it the managers must monitor the activity in the work place. Staying involved with the current environment in your work place will help you to know who deserves to be rewarded for promoting diversity. A good idea is to have all the managers in the company observe the employees and report back to each other on which they think deserves to be rewarded for diversity. This can be of use since you would have more than one opinion on who has deserves to be rewarded. Also the managers can talk to some of the employees and get some incite on who has been behaving well. By having feedback from the employees it makes it easier for the managers to spot the good deeds. If rewards are going to be given than management must stay on top of it and recognize those who are promoting diversity. It shows that recognition is good motivation. Employees want to be recognized for a job well done even more so than compensation. Recognition builds reputation and employees value reputation a lot. Rewarding employees for diversity will motivate them to keep doing it. This will lead to a good working environment in the work place. When there is a good working environment there is usually a good efficient rate. Employees want enjoy their job and when they feel comfortable at work they will be more efficient which will lead your company profit. A simple act as letting the employee choose his work schedule for the week can go a long way. It is recognition and motivation to keep up the good work. This type of reward will keep the employee happy and it provides something different from compensation. This could spark a

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