Diverse Methods of Psychology Essay

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PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUE SUMMARY Mashae Bryant, Michael Christopher, Nicole Collins, Malinda Heaton, and Mary Walton PSY/490 August 18, 2014 Dr. Edna Foster Abstract Abraham Maslow wanted to understand what motivates people. He believed that people possess a set of motivation systems unrelated to rewards or unconscious desires. Maslow (1943) stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. When one need is fulfilled a person seeks to fulfill the next one, and so on. This paper will discuss a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist who is treating a seven-year-old female suffering from emotional disturbances. This will take place in a therapeutic setting to help the child overcome maladaptive disturbance. The paper will apply behavioral, cognitive and socialization strategies to help the client cope with family relationships, peer interactions, aggression, social skills and academic difficulties. Introduction Terri is brought into the Center for an assessment after being referred by her elementary school counselor. Terri is a seven-year-old girl who is below average with her verbal communication and physical development. During the assessment the rehabilitation specialist noticed that Terri was dressed inappropriately for the weather, her hair was not brushed and her shoes appeared to be too small. Terri was quite during the assessment and when she was lead into a class room setting she displayed outburst of anger and at times during the assessment with peers her own age she was easily distracted and unable to complete task that were age appropriate. Terri was also observed not being able to get along with other students her age. An assessment of Terri session was given to her counselor and some suggestions were offered to assist the school with a plan of works for Terri. Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory Abraham Maslow is best known for his

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