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DIVERCITY SCRIPT OUTLINE I. RUCKUS Description: RUCKUS is Stonehill's only co-ed step and hip hop team. Step is a percussive dance in which the person's body is used as an instrument to produce sounds and rhythms through a mix of steps, calls, and hand claps. This semester, we decided it was time for RUCKUS to really go back to the roots of step, how it was when it originated from slavery. In the Americas, slaves were discouraged from speaking in their native languages, therefore making communication almost impossible. Through step, they made their own new language in order to communicate [good idea; we could probably work on this theme for RUCKUS- Prithak]. Since then, step has really progressed and become an important part of sororities and fraternities all over the US, as well as getting incorporated into the culture of hip hop. In our performance, we are really trying to go back to the origin of step by stepping without music. In addition, RUCKUS is beginning to transition into a team that is more step heavy than dance, and this will be evident in our performance. We believe that due to RUCKUS' unique nature we definitely support DiverCity's overarching theme of diversity and inclusion. A big thank you to the Diversity Committee for making this amazing show possible! II. GIOVANNI AND PAM (HIP HOP CLUB) Hip Hop Club Gen description: The Hip Hop Club performance will consist of 3-4 spoken word pieces from each E-Board member of the hip hop club. These Spoken word pieces will revolve around self-expression, Hip Hop, personal struggles and diversity. These spoken word pieces will offer insight into the different perspectives and stories of each performer. Why DiverCity: Relates to Diversity and Inclusion because each spoken word piece represents the stories in the eyes of each individual as a minority. Not only will these pieces reflect personal

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