Distraction of Cell Phones Essay

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cell phones create a distraction in the classroom. Students have a difficult time putting their phones down and focusing on what is happening in class. They want to see if someone has texted them, or they want to reply to a friend's text. Their minds are never completely engaged in what is happening in the class. Joe Golton, a blogger who specializes in writing about digital distractions, explains that even research proves this. He states, "Numerous studies find that computers, smartphones, or any other form of interruption technology challenges our ability to do anything that requires sustained attention, such as reading, writing, working, playing, and conversing." In a classroom, "sustained attention" is quite important if students are going to learn anything. In addition, smartphones allow students to surf the Internet, tweet, play games, and read and update statuses on Facebook. These are often more entertaining than perhaps what is happening in class, so allowing phones in the classroom creates a temptation that is difficult for students to fight. Their desire to stay connected and have fun often overpowers their desire to learn. Although students may think that they can multitask in class, according to a study by Eileen Wood et al., using Facebook and other online sites can affect a student's ability to pay attention to and remember the information presented in class (371). In other words, a student is not going to learn as well if they are trying to perform tasks that are not related to what is happening in the

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