Distracting Advancement Essay

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Distracting Advancement Michael Wesch from Kansas State University created a video, “A Vision of Students Today”, and posted it on YouTube, depicting views college students have on their educational experience and how technology is used in a negative manner. He had college students express their opinions, which range from financial issues to an impersonal atmosphere , with nonverbal means . The two issues that really stood out were the impersonal atmosphere and the negative use of technology. Students can easily feel lost and unimportant when they attend college. In the large group of students from the video, one student held up a sign stating “My average class size is 115” (qtd. in Wesch) and another held up a sign stating that “18% of my teachers know my name” (qtd. in Wesch). Instructors usually teach more than one class a day and more than one day a week during a semester. If there are a hundred plus people in each class, a semester will last on average thirteen to sixteen weeks and then factor in the pupils that drop the class, never show up, or do not actively participate, it would be almost impossible for someone to remember all those names. This makes it easy to see how an individual can feel unnoticed. When someone feels unimportant they will look for validation elsewhere. Technology can provide instant gratification by letting people communicate with other people instantly through cell phones, text messaging and websites like Face Book. All of these mediums are used to connect people and provide some form of validation and yet at the same time can still lack that sense of being personable. This technology is all very useful and convenient; however, there is a time, a place and a purpose for its use. In order to succeed in a college course, a student needs to accept an active role in the education process. Unfortunately, this is
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