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Distracted Driving Adam P. Siedlecki Batavia High School 1. Introduction and History The actions you do behind the wheel can cause serious injuries or kill someone. Distracted driving includes any activities you do behind the wheel that will take your attention off of the road. There are three types of distracted driving, Visual—taking your eyes off the road; Manual—taking your hands off the wheel; and Cognitive—taking your mind off what you are doing. These activities include; eating, drinking, reading, and most importantly, using their cell phone for either calling or texting (www.distraction.gov). While any of these distractions can endanger the driver and others, texting…show more content…
A brief biographical statement about Oprah; At 18, she won the Miss Black Tennessee pageant and a year later became the first black woman to anchor the evening news in Nashville. Winfrey further honed her broadcast skills in Baltimore before moving to Chicago to host a daily talk show in 1984. She was so popular that the series (A.M. Chicago) was renamed in her honor and became a national hit in syndication in 1986. Oprah quickly became a household name, a wildly successful yet still accessible woman who struggled with her weight and talked about surviving sexual molestation. But hosting a talk show wasn't all Winfrey had in mind. Although untrained as an actress, she was nominated for an Oscar for her powerful performance as a slave in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple. (Two decades later Winfrey produced a musical version on Broadway.) She created Harpo productions to house her show and to produce socially relevant films. She also launched a monthly book segment on her show and her selections immediately became best sellers. She extended the Oprah brand in publishing by creating her own magazine (O) and in broadcasting by launching syndicated series with Dr. Phil McGraw and Chef Rachael Ray. Winfrey's legacy grew even larger when she founded and funded a South African leadership school for impoverished girls she fondly referred to as her daughters. In…show more content…
Something I learned from | |this question is that only one person in the age group of female 20-30 did not own the cell phone. | | | |Are you able to drive? | | | |Yes No Refuse to answer | |

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