Distopia in A Brave New World

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Even though the utopia of “Brave New World” sounds perfect, it is far from it. In fact, it is the exact opposite. You would think that a world without problems would be great; “they get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get” as Mustapha Mond would say. With no desires for anything more than what you have, it is believed that you are happy. But if you look behind the ignorance you realize that everyone and everything is being controlled. In “Brave New World” the controllers keep the society stable by determining people’s lives. Even before birth, each person has a predestined life that they are to fulfill. Babies are born from test tubes, eliminating family and giving them a lack of person identity. Without family they are able to reconstruct society because instead of being known as a unit, they are all individuals. Babies are born into classes; the Alpha class being strongest and most intelligent, while the Epsilon class endures oxygen deprivation and alcohol treatment making them weakest. The five classes consist of different groups of people because they have found that people will not accept society if they are all in the upper classes. Realizing this, the controllers then created lower classes and trained them to agree to the life they are given and not long for the upper classes that are trusted with the jobs that use the most intellect. The caste system organizes the civilization, but unlike real human people, the lower classes are not envious of the upper classes. Even as children the people are trained to accept the life they are given. Hypnopedia is used while they are sleeping to teach moral values so they understand the rules of the society and do not desire anything more than what they have. Each class is taught to think about the good parts of being in that class and not to focus on the bad. For example, even though the Beta class
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