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Distinctively Visual - Run Lola Run and Slumdog Millionaire Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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Distinctively visual utilise various techniques to convey significant ideas to their audience. A text is constituted to be distinctively visual through the images created and response gained from the audience, by exploring the idea that everything within a text has been deliberately placed there by the composer for a reason, this could be to extend or to challenge our understanding of important concepts or to get the viewer to act these out. The composer does this through the use of visual techniques such as flashbacks, flash-forwards, filters and camera angles. This is evident in ’Run Lola Run’ by Tom Tykwer and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ by Danny Boyle
Tom Tykwer’s film Run Lola Run, created in 1998, is a movie about love, determination, and fate. It is a continuous journey about a girl by the name of Lola who is involved in some dangerous business with her boyfriend Manni. Manni is a young man who works for a gangster, and loses a huge amount of money. Manni pleads to Lola to save him. Running through the streets of Berlin, Lola sets out to help find some big sum of money to give to Manni who is afraid his gangster boss will kill him.
‘Run Lola Run’ by Tom Tykwer is all about fate, communicating that time is an important player in one’s life and shapes their destiny. The opening sequence begins with the sound of a clock ticking, showing from the beginning that time is central to the film.   The camera then pans up to reveal a clock with a low angle shot, which then indicates to the audience they are defenceless against time. Then later proceeds to show Lola being swallowed up by various clocks, conveying she is powerless against time. The importance of time in the lives of Manni and Lola are further emphasised through the split screen. Tykwer has split the screen between an image of Lola running, Manni and a clock, personifying time as a third character, highlighting its importance.
Tykwer has also created a distinctively visual text through the use of a non-linear...

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