Distinctively Visual In 'Shoehorn Sonata'

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Distinctively visual Question: how composers use distinctively visual techniques to create meaning in texts. Distinctively visual technique holds great ability to convey powerful message through the text to the responders. This is evident in the play “shoehorn sonata” as its composer John Misto explores the horror of war and the importance of friendship during the invasion of Singapore in 1942. Similarly Nick Ut’s photograph “The Napalm Girl” illustrates the brutality of human conflict in the Vietnam War as well as the innocent civilian that is mercilessly treated. Both texts demonstrates the atrocity that war brings using visual techniques although they rely on different ways to convey their message. “Shoehorn Sonata” use audience imagination to create image within their while “The Napalm Girl” directly demonstrate the visual technique.…show more content…
One such flashback “the japs’d come round and beat us for the fun of it”. By using visual imagery in an innocent woman’s gives a description of the horrendous environment of the prison camp. The inhumane beating of civilian emphasizes the grotesque nature of camps. The ongoing physical abuse from the Japanese soldiers became a motif throughout the play evokes pathos and the understanding of the barbarity of the war time environment. Another visual imagery use the emphasis the horror of war is “get down on all fours… hack at the earth” which demonstrates the intense work the prisoners had to endure; this evokes a sense of pity and gain sense of sympathy from the
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