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Distinctions Between Ethics And Law Essay

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  • on December 16, 2011
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Elements of Distinction Between Ethics and Law

Relationship Between Ethics and Law
Counselors are expected to adhere to both ethical practices and legal statutes. In most cases, practitioners can practice within the guidelines of both standards without compromise. The consistency between ethical and legal requirements generally allows practitioners to adhere to both without disruption of their daily functioning (Knapp, Gottlieb, Berman, & Handelsman, 2007).For example, almost every ethical psychologist would agree that, among other things, psychologists should (a) not have sex with patients, (b) keep information about patients confidential (except in a few unusual circumstances), (c) be competent when delivering services, and (d) refrain from insurance fraud (Knapp, Gottlieb, Berman, & Handelsman, 2007). Ethical codes and laws are developed to provide guidelines for “best practices” for practitioners and ensure the safety of all parties involved both directly and indirectly. In rare circumstances ethics a laws conflict creating a professional dilemma for practitioners. Some of these dilemmas are centered on the counselor’s highest personal values. Practitioners are encouraged to adhere to the law which provides the grounds for the least of action and responsibility to be taken by the counselor. Ethical codes are created to uphold the highest standard of practice. When these standards conflict the counselor must make a principle-based decision to ensure the highest standard of practices. It appears that when written ethical guidelines are unclear, mental health practitioners rely on their own individual value systems and their interpretation of the ethics code (Bersoff & Koeppl, 1993; Eberlein, 1987). An example would be a counselor who practices in a state where it not required for the counselor to report to a third party that they are in danger after the client has informed the counselor during a session of an ideation of intent to harm. The...

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