Distcriptive Speech Essay

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How to Pretend to Be Asleep Do you want to know how to look like you are sleeping even if you are not? Have your parents told you to go to sleep but you want to stay awake? Follow these steps to find out how to make it look like you are asleep! Lie in a sleeping position. Make sure that you are lying down at all times, in case someone finds you. It would be more convincing if you were laid in bed or wherever you normally sleep. Lay in a natural position, how you think you normally sleep. Make sure you look convincing; you could do this by curling your arms round or bending your legs instead of just laying straight. Think about how you normally sleep. If you usually sleep under the covers, make sure you are lying under them. Make sure you are doing everything you normally would if you were going to sleep. Think about how you normally have the lights. Turn off the light while you are in the room, unless you sleep with the light on. If you leave any lamps on or night lights make sure they are on. ------------------------------------------------- Listen out for people. If you hear someone coming, close your eyes but don't scrunch them up. Close them naturally. If you can't do this cover up your eyes with a pillow or something. Listen for footsteps or voices outside your room, or people opening your door. ------------------------------------------------- Know what to do if you aren't prepared for them coming. If someone walks in or looks around the door and you are not laid in a sleeping position, don't make any quick movements or they will see or hear you. Just close your eyes and try your best to stay still and act like you are falling asleep or have fallen asleep. ------------------------------------------------- Think about the best way to lay. Lay facing away from the door or wherever it is light, to reduce the chance of the person seeing you if you
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