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Distance Learning Thomas King Axia College of University of Phoenix Distance Learning Hello, my name Thomas King but you call me Thomas. Today I will be given you an overview of distance learning. Distance learning is done from your desktop, laptop, etc. online over the internet. This type of learning is consider to be asynchronous communication. What this means is that all the students will not be in class all at the same time, you can work on assignments at any time, assignments do have due dates but you can turn them in early, and class never meets. This is where distance learning is different from the typical campus classroom classes. The distance learning classroom is an electronic forum. This is where students and instructors communicate with each other. The communication is preformed through different forums and in these forums you will find threaded discussions. The Threaded discussions found in the classroom main forum is where you will find threads for Instructor’s requirements, contact information, and where you can ask questions to other students and the instructor, etc... The Discussion Questions thread is are also found in the classroom main forum. The Discussion Questions threads are where the instructor post questions for the class to answer. In answering the questions and giving feedback to other student’s answers is how you receive class participation grade. The feedback that you receive will give a good idea of how you are doing. In conclusion Distance Learning is not for everybody. Distance Learning does have the advantages of time flexibility, able to do at home, and to some point you can work at your own speed. The last thing I will leave you with, is with Distance Learning is that there is always help at your fingertips. Course Forums * Main: A message replying to a discussion question or discussion thread. *

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