Distance Education Course Essay

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In my opinion, distance education course have good implications for students with learning disabilities. Recent advancements in technology have provided accommodations for these students to participate in the distance learning environment. This is also agreed by Kim-Rupnow, Dowrick, and Burke(2001) stated that there are three major trends in technology that provide accommodations for students with learning disabilities recently. First, interactive devices have evolved to be highly user friendly and provide immediate access to materials and lectures for all users including individuals who have learning disabilities (Ferrell, Persichette, and Lowell, 2000; Hine, Harper, Beattie and Arnott, 1998; Leutke-stalman, 1998). Second, transcribed or interpreted text is available to assist students with learning disabilities in understanding of regular instructions and information (Ferrell et al., 2000). Third, the use of multimedia to enhance communication performance to all users such as video mediated delivery systems (Ferrell et al., 2000; Leutke-Stalman, 1998). Another method that has given good implication towards students with learning disabilities in distance education course is support services. Support services received by these students have been growing recently. This is agreed by Susan D. Moisey (2004) stated that students with learning disabilities are receiving services to assist in their studies. She also stated that the objective in providing support services is to give an equal opportunity to access the program or course in their studies. Students will receive information, assessments for assistive technology, assistance or referral for services, aid in study skills and organizational strategies, extension of the duration course, alternative methods in responding exam papers and other variety of services. Students who received support services give high

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