Distance Education and Traditional Education

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Distance Education and Traditional Education There are many good things and not so good things about both Distance Education and Traditional Education. I will state the pros and cons for both traditional education and distance education. From what I have experienced I believe distance education is best for me but which do you think is best for you? In distance education you can get help by using either email or making phone call. It is sometimes difficult to get a fast response and sometimes you are on hold for a while. While traditional education you can experience help from others such as a teacher or your classmates. Although sometimes they are not able to help you all the time. It all depends on the urgency of your need. Distance education can be frustrating but I learn as I go whether I make mistakes or not. In distance education you have a lot of flexibility. You can control where you are studying at and make your own schedules around your regular life and family activities. You can even travel with your studies as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Traditional college there are certain times where you have to be at the campus for your classes and they can at times interfere with your activities. In this situation distance education is best for me because I have a family of five and it can get really busy. I love that I can make my own schedule even though at times my kids may interrupt my studies I can always stop to help them. Traditional education has its negative things such as you have to pay for your traveling expenses, campus and food expenses and tuition is high. In distance education you do not have to worry about food or campus expenses. The tuition can be cheaper and depending on where you go you can have payment plans. This is one of the great things about distance education that helps me take courses because I’m able to

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