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Critical response: Not so clever country? Summary Dr Marion Jacobs examines some arguments against of the government subsidizes university education. The first reason for funding education of university is that graduate students contribute to an economic successfully in society. For instance, if governments cut funding to university education, the amount of the fees in school will increase. Therefore, Jacobs thinks there is fewer studying. Furthermore, she indicates that university graduates’ income is higher than high school graduates’. The writer imagines this revenue can be pay for other public such as hospitals, schools, transport. Therefore, the graduates not only help to develop the economy but also can pay higher taxes. Another problem with cutting funding is a shortage of doctors, engineers, and teachers. In fact, the amount of these graduates’ fees is double higher than other degree. Hence, some engineering companies have to recruit workers to aboard countries. Final reason for subsidy university education form government; that student who graduate at university healthier than a rest population. This results in degree holders visiting the doctor far less often other people. The author hopes the government should fund university education. Discussion Jacobs is correct in asserting that the government should subsidize university education. However, some her aspects are over simplification and exaggeration. The writer comments that university graduates pay higher taxes than high school leavers. She asserts some statistics as an average high school graduate with 6,700 dollars per year, 11,900 dollars for degree and specially 26,000 dollars for doctors, teachers and engineers’ degree each person a year. Therefore, this revenue can be used to improve the facilities, infrastructure projects such as services, roads and hospitals. Another her discussion is

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