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Dissociate Disorders Essay

  • Submitted by: chyde19
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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* It’s normal for human beings to feel depressed and have anxieties. Abnormality depends on what normal responses are to situations like ordinary situation or culture. What point is becomes right or wrong. Homosexuality was once considered to be a mental illness. Defintions of abnormality change over time. Abnormality became of form of mental illness in the 18th century.   Biomedical model of mental is based on three assumptions- 1) Syndromes- Depression is a symptom; an anxiety disorder is given by the terms the patient symptoms tells the psychologists. 2)Underlying disease of the body- Looks at genetics, and Biochemical; Levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. It is unsure if the biochemical comes first before the symptoms of the patient. 3) Medical treatment- Drug treatment can be given to produce higher or lower levels of dopamine, seratonin. SSRI refers to the serotonin uptake which boosts the seratonin in the brain. Individuals have problems coming off of these drugs because it can change your levels of chemical balance. You can suffer from withdrawals like physical symptoms. Other approaches include mental disorder as a disease of the mind- Those who are driven mad by war called shell shock> Post traumatic stress disorder. The origins of sources may lie less in biology and more in life lessons. Psychological approach- anything that effects the person growing up. Instead of looking for a physical cure but more in the mind. Psychotherapies-   Professional treatment. Cognitive approach- Specifies the thinking of approach of the individual. Mental disorders like anxiety can arise of how perceptions are perceived, How the client thinks. Psychologists try to look at how to reverse the way of thinking and try to fix those faulty ideas. Exposure therapy is where you expose a person by the situations that make her feel uncomfortable, like from the moment someone leaves their house where they walk close to the house to feel comfortable. The essence to cognitive...

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