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DISSERTATION PROTOCOL RESEARCH Literature Review Title Cellular Mechanotransduction: Could this be responsible for the therapeutic results achieved with Osteopathy in the Cranial Field? AIMS To research and present cellular mechanotransduction, and it’s relevance to the functioning of the human organism. To explore the possible links between cellular mechanotransduction and therapeutic achieved with Osteopathy in the Cranial Field. SIGNIFICANCE AND SCOPE The purpose of this literature review is to promote an understanding of cellular mechanotransduction, establish potential links to therapeutic results to cranial osteopathy, and offer a basis for future osteopathic research into the subject. Anatomy, physiology and the self healing mechanism of the body are themes that seem to underpin the essence of osteopathy from the early beginnings in the 19th C to the present day. However in order to appreciate these important values, and the responsibility one holds whilst treating patients a deeper understanding is required. This would allow us to be fully informed regarding these underpinning values rather than just accepting them without question. The advancement in cellular research over the past 30 years has provided exciting opportunities to explain how the living organism functions, regenerates and thrives. This has huge relevance to the osteopathic profession, moreover any practitioner dealing with an individual’s health should be aware of exactly what it is that they are attempting to influence with their treatment approach. Mechanical forces applied to the body on a macroscopic level are channelled through to the micromolecular level, this mechanical information is received and changes. It is this process of mechanotransduction that results in homeostasis and the body’s ability to thrive. Etihical considerations All literature under review is within

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