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This dissertation is on Chapter 4 Response of The Government to The Black Panther Party, War against the Panthers: A Study of Repression in America University of California, Santa Cruz by Huey Percy Newton. Huey Percy Newton discusses how the Black Panther Party was formed in America in 1966 as an organization made up of Black and poor people embracing a common ideology identified by its proponents as revolutionary intercommunalism. Drastic measures were taken by agencies and officers of the federal government to destroy the Black Panther Party politically and financially. The F.B.I as well as the government did not like what the Black Panther Party believed in; the main purpose of the Black Panther Party was to empower African Americans during a period of time when most African Americans could not make much progress. There were Black Panther Parties in several cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, Indianapolis, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The Black Panther Party did not have equal rights they was denied employment, education, housing, and other basic needs. In many poor neighborhoods many young African Americans were looking for leadership. Self defense was taught to discipline its members so that some sense of organization could be put in place, but eventually the government succeeded in destroying the Black Panther Party. To support his thesis Percy employs that there was numerous measures taken by the government to disrupt the Black Panther Party. In 1966 Black people did not have the rights white people had black people had to overcome so many obstacles to get where they are today. The Administrations Propaganda War against the Panthers Making the Political Criminal is basically about the White House having an Enemies list made up by the

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