How Is War Used In Disabled

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DISABLED How successfully does the writer compare the ideas of sports and war in “disabled”? Throughout the poem ‘Disabled’ Wilfred Owen portrays the conditions of an incapacitated worrier who lost his soul at the battle fields for vain reasons. At one occasion Owen brings out the contrast between sports and war. The irony here is that these two topics; sports and war have one thing is common, that is both sports and war have opposite sides and there is a battle occurring ,yet they are set in contrast. The effects of war conflicts with the effects of sports. The war has caused terrible consequences, for an example: the solider lost his arms and legs, his youth, opportunities, love etc. in the battle field.When two parties or more battle with each other their sole motive is to conquer their opponent, whereas in sports you must be able to accept defeat as well as victory.…show more content…
The posters which were used to promote and encourage men to enter the war, was very effective, illusionary and appealing. In the contrary sports is not exaggerated and given false claims. Though a lot of hyperbole is used in describing war it really isn’t what it seems to be. Apparently the disabled soldier, had being a football player before he went to war. People used to cheer and appreciate when he won football matches. “one time he liked a blood-smear down his leg, After the matches, carried shoulder high. It was after football…” Ironically when he came back from war there were some people who cheered him, but not as crowds cheered him after he won a match. “Some cheered him home, but not as crowds cheer goal.” The soldier once was proud about having a wound while playing football because he thought it was a sign of pride, glory and masculine. But when compares to war, he suffers the scars he got mentally and physically by joining the war for idiotic
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