Disruptive Innovations That Will Change Your Life in Health Care

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Article Review: “Disruptive Innovations that Will Change Your Life in Healthcare” Problem or issue that necessitates written article: The article addresses the setting in 1960 of which two Harvard business school professors thought to bring about the increasing of the rising cost of healthcare issue that was becoming the main focus in the United States. However the professors want to present the issue with the idea of utilizing disruptive technologies and innovations in the health industry. The strategies or techniques used to solve the problem/address the issue: These professors executed the disruptive technologies and innovations to market the products that are much more affordable and in the end much higher in quality which would express an answer to the cost issue of health care. The continuous issue of affordability and access to great care are issues that these professors believe can be resolved through the above-mentioned technique. The use of the disruptive innovations is the key to ushering in affordable health care. For example, Medco would be a health care disruptive innovation of which disrupted retail pharmacies with the use of drugs that lower cholesterol as a disruptive to angioplasty and just as angioplasty was a disruptive to open hearth surgery. Removing the status quo, disruptive innovations bring about change that is most beneficial to the patients. Five disruptive innovations that can transform the manner in which patients are treated include the following: First, Retail clinics are abnormal settings for patients to receive treatment. A hospital or doctor’s office is the most common location for providers, specifically medical doctors to diagnose and treat patients. The idea of utilizing retail clinics and more nurse practitioners allows patients’ faster treatment, short wait times, and less expensive co-payments. Second, Telemedicine

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