Disparity and Discrimination Essay

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Disparity and Discrimination Essay Marlon Neal CJA/344 Major Williams June 4, 2012 University of Phoenix Disparity and Discrimination Disparity is closely related to inequality while in the same instance discrimination is defined in our society as a form of prejudice. The purpose of the essay is to compare these two terms, and how each one relates to our criminal justice system, today. Examples of each term in regards to our criminal justice system will be provided. In regards to our criminal justice system, the term disparity relates to differences, but does not always directly relate to discrimination. The term discrimination on the other hand, in regards to our criminal justice system; relates to treating individuals different because of their race and choice of religion, regardless of their qualifications and or behavior. An example of disparity is that there are far more African Americans receiving longer sentencing for the same crimes as their white counterparts in our criminal justice system, today. This is mainly due to poor inner cities being targeted by law enforcement, over white suburban areas. There have been many studies done in the areas where disparity is most common. “The researchers used a variety of analytical tools to compare and validate their findings. They consistently found substantial race-of-defendant disparities. The results of this bias against black defendants in Philadelphia are estimated to be an excess of 38% in death sentences for black defendants compared to all other defendants for similar crimes.”(Death Penalty Information Center, 2012). Another example of disparity can be seen in areas of voter rights, whereas photo identification cards or driver’s licenses are being required for people have voting access, whereas poor people and even homeless individuals may not have cars, jobs, or a place of residents,

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