Disparities Within Sports

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Disparities within the World of Sports Sports are an important part of society and one of the biggest ways of interaction among individuals. Whether the interaction involves physical acts, i.e. playing a sport with a group of people, or watching others play the sport, i.e. going to watch a basketball game at the stadium, sports in general are one of the vital societal tools for human interaction. In society, activity in sports is based on the presumption that sports are exclusively for men and more specifically, it is believed that white males are dominate sports. When the question of gender enters the sphere of sports, women are thought as being less apt to be involved in sports than men are because men are seen as being physically stronger and excelling at physical activities is expected from men. When the question of racial minorities being in the world of sports, it is highly thought that minorities estrange themselves by not Americanizing and assimilating into the ways that sports are practiced in the United States and through this estrangement, they are being excluding and out aside in manners of being involved in sports. Sports are one of the more important aspects of socialization because it is an important source of men’s gender socialization; sports pass on principles such as competitiveness, work ethic, fair play, and a winning attitude. Sports are considered where one learns to be a man according to society’s standards of what being a man is. Although African-American and Latino men are disadvantaged because of society’s norms, in their participation in sports they gain a sense of possibilities of getting somewhere through excelling in any sport; they see sports as one of the only ways they can move up in social class. For women, sports have not been of major significance of shaping characteristics because they were excluded from sports before
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