Disparities In Health Care: Annotated Bibliography

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Running Head: DISPARITIES IN HEALTH CARE According to Baldwin, D (2013) “he four major ethnic/racial groups frequently cited in the literature and addressed in this article include, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian Pacific Islander. Traditionally these four groups, together with immigrants, the poor, and mentally retarded, have experienced unequal burdens in health and health care reflected by high morbidity and mortality rates. While much has been written about health disparities between the four groups cited above and their white counterparts, African Americans represent the largest minority group and have experienced much discrimination in this country. As a result, more citations…show more content…
Causes of health disparities include poor education, health behaviors of the minority group, poverty (inadequate financial resources), and environmental factors (USDHHS). Most of these factors are access related. "Disparities in health care are defined as racial or ethnic differences in the quality of health care that are not due to access-related factors or clinical needs, preferences and appropriateness of intervention" (Smedley, Stith, & Nelson, 2002, p. 4). Causes of disparities in health care relate to quality and include provider/patient relationships, health providers of the future, provider bias and discrimination, and patient variables such as mistrust of the health care system and refusal of treatment. While disparities in health and health care can be inextricably tied to one another, distinguishing between these two definitions can help to focus the discussions and develop appropriate interventions. Existing solutions, such as assuring that all Americans have access to basic health care at affordable cost (USDHHS, 2000); promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles (Satcher, 2000); and addressing the determinants of health, especially those related to personal choices (behaviors) and the social environment (USDHHS, 2000) need heightened and continued dialogue. This next section will…show more content…
Evidence suggests that health disparities continue, with little progress made to eliminate them over time. Ethnic and racial disparities exist for multiple and complex reasons. However, new solutions are needed to resolve some of these old problems. Framing the debate and discussion around the distinctiveness related to disparities in health and health care is a necessary beginning for finding effective solutions to eliminate unequal burdens in health status. Finding effective solutions, organized around these definitions, is critical for the improvement of both the health of ethnic and racial minorities and the health of the

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