Disorderly Refrigerator Essay

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“The Disorderly Refrigerator” This case deals with a grievance filed by the union stating they are no longer allowed by management to have a refrigerator on company property. Recently, Value Brands Corporation moved into a new location due to growth of the company. While operating out of the old building, employees were allowed to use a refrigerator that they had purchased with their own money on company property. Since moving into the new building the management team decided it was a safety hazard to have the refrigerator in the building and requested it be removed. The union felt this was unlawful use of management’s power and filed a grievance with the arbitrator. The grievance stated that under Article VII they were allowed to maintain use of the refrigerator in the new building because it was changing their working conditions without negotiating the matter with the union. The employees used the fridge to keep their lunches and snacks cold thus eliminating their need to leave the facility. By not having the fridge they were forced to incur additional expenses for running through a drive-thru on their 30 minute lunch break. Lastly, the union argued that it was never viewed as a safety concern in the old building and shouldn’t be viewed as such in the new building. Management argued that the presence of the fridge in the building did not fall under Article VII. The company held fast to the fact that it was never maintained in a sanitary matter before and questioned that it would be now. While in the old location, management was hesitant to bring up the sanitary conditions because all the employees had chipped in to purchase it so it wasn’t company owned. The biggest concern was that the fridge was 10 years old and had to run through defrost cycles, especially in the summer months. Defrost cycles lead to water pooling on the floor and being

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