Disneyland Vs Magic Mountain

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So to all the people out there who are split between the choices of Magic Mountain or Disneyland, you’re most likely thinking, “What does one have that the other doesn’t?” So lets cut down to the basics; what kind of a person are you? Do you like the thrill and fast paced motion of things or do you like to just laze around and keep things casual? Magic Mountain is one of the best if not the best amusement park California has to offer. First of all, you have to look at the roller coasters that Six Flags has compared to what Disneyland has. You will see that Six Flags has sixteen roller coasters and Disneyland has only three. That is a one to five roller coaster ratio, so not only are there more rides but there also will be enough options to support the amount of students going to keep lines at even lengths. So if you want to just hang out for a bit you can and when you are ready to ride, they are ready with half the size of the lines at Disneyland. The rides at Magic Mountain are not only faster but also bigger and taller. They have countless rides that can count as a signature roller coaster while Disneyland has only Space Mountain or California’s Screamin’ to compensate. After a while, the teens such as us will usually get bored of such rides or can’t even ride them again without waiting for 2 hours. The hours and price are also a major factor, Magic Mountain Costs only about 50$ and opens at 10:30AM and closes at 10 PM while Disneyland cost about 70$ and opens at 10AM and closes at 8PM so you also get more thrill time,However Disneyland is open all year round while Magic Mountain Opens during spring and close during winter. So overall it basically comes down to the question: do you like roller coasters, speed, and thrill? Or do you like traditional themes, and walk through attractions? Which ever you choose you are bound to have a good time, there is a

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