Disneyland Narrative Essay

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Disneyland I was looking out the window of the airplane as we landed in Anaheim, California. I was so excited. My family and I took an early flight. The plane departed from John F. Kennedy at 1 a.m. and I didn’t sleep the whole plane ride. My family, on the other hand, were snoring the whole flight. Everyone was so relaxed and calm as they stepped off the plane at 8:45 a.m. to head to the hotel. I was thrilled about being in a different state. I was only 4 at the time. My parents decided to have a family vacation to include my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. What a great place to visit, a place for people of all ages, Disneyland. I couldn’t wait to experience the thrill of the Magic Kingdom. Some of my family weren’t as excited as I was, most of them have been to Disneyland multiple times. The TV commercials, during my morning cartoons, portrayed Disneyland as the most special place on earth. What I couldn't possibly have imagined at that moment was how very fulfilled I would be feeling by the end of the day. After freshening up at the hotel, all of us got into our cars and headed to Disney Land. It felt like a video game, going through a maze of on ramps and off ramps, trying to find parking spots. I couldn’t hold my excitement, as we found parking spaces. I was so happy to get out the car. My MeMa, sitting in the back of the car, decided to be a backseat driver. My cousin Sasha, singing badly to songs on the radio and my Gramps giving horrible directions. My dad was getting so annoyed and we all just wanted to get there already. I just wanted to experience the magic. Finally, Disneyland was in my sights. I couldn’t stop jumping around as we got closer to the entrance. It felt so magical walking through the entrance of Disneyland. I loved walking around Main Street USA, it felt like a dream, like I was actually in the TV commercials. I couldn’t wait to

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