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Disneyland I arrived to Disneyland early last Saturday morning. The weather was warm with a cool wind breeze blowing every now and then. The parking lot grossly overflowed with long lines formed at the entrance ticketing gates. It is an enchanting and memorable place for every child, even the adults that are still kids at heart too. Going into the park on Main Street there is an ice cream parlor, bakery and café. Every venue has a long line that is filled adults and kids buying ice cream and sweet pastry treats. Further ahead lay a band parading on the street with loud percussions and wild acrobatic dancers performing. Some visitors are standing on the side walk cheering, while others are taking photos. The younger children stare in amazement pointing their fingers and clapping their hands as popular Disney character pass by in the parade . Pass the band was the center of the park the street circled around back to Main Street. Around the street circle were various paths leading off into different sections of the park. Each patch had a post with a wooden sign listing the site. On the path straight ahead was Sleeping Beauty’s castle walkthrough. Pink and sky blue pavers create a bridge extending across the crystal blue pond that was filled with fish. Blue and gold flags are flown from bridge rails as they flicker in the air. The inside of the castle is filled with many winding pathways and stairs. Adults and children are smiling and laughing as they walk around looking at the enchanting 3-dimensional recreation of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming. On the wall there are holographic figures of fire breathing dragons and images of the an evil which. Just pass the castles exit to the left and right is the dining and entertainment. To the left is and old brick, brown and cream colored Italian looking restaurant with a statue of Pinocchio just above the

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