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TOWS Matrix for Disney (Factors that create) Threats * During a recession families have less household income which means they can’t afford to go on expensive holidays. * VAT increased to 20% * Aging population changes the dynamics of families. People having less children. * Environmental/ Natural forces i.e. ash cloud from Iceland stopping flights and Disneyland in Florida loses revenue and sales during hurricane season and/or sink holes. | (Factors that create) Opportunities * Smart phone apps for Disney hotels provide promotion. * Economic recovery and boom means people are more confident about spending money and can afford to go on holiday. Also Disney can afford to create new attractions and make smart investments. * Flexible working patterns means that adults have more time off work to take their children on holiday. | Weaknesses * Disney is an expensive choice among competitors. * Pressure to keep up to date with the interests of children i.e. new characters. * Word of mouth of customers, a bad review can mean loss of sales. * Lots of competitors * Relying on market intermediaries to sell their services. * Rude travel agents advertising Disney will put people off. * If reseller markets go bust Disney need to find new agencies to promote their attractions. * Low top management retention rate and lots of employees | Strengths * Most of Disney’s competitors do not have the same level of attractions as them. * Positive brand image and trust among the public * Disney provides an experience for the customers not just a place to sleep. * Good relationship with suppliers * Special promotions that appeal to families i.e. ‘Purchase a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida for next year and you’ll get free meals throughout your

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