Disney Snow-White and Little Snow-White

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Claudia Castro Professor Echols English 1310 9am 1 Octuber 2013 Disney Snow-White and Little Snow-White The story of Snow White and Little Snow White are actually very different, but at the same time both stories have a lot in common. Both stories perfectly fit into the classic fairytale mold: princess, the evil queen/stepmom, handsome prince, happy ending. However their audiences, their plots, and their endings are in direct contrast with each other. Like many of the fairytales they all have a purpose these two are no different, the ages of the girls, poisons red apple, death. The Disney story about Snow White is a tender version of the fairy tale. It is intended for a younger audience, specifically for children pre-school through elementary age. From the very beginning, the story begins with happy descriptions of birds chirping, Snow White singing all so, beautiful and lovely. Everyone is nice and everyone seems to love each other. These positive images are exactly what little children need. Some of the more brutal parts of the story are told in simpler, nicer ways so that young children will not get upset. For example, the stepmother does not want to kill Snow White; she merely wants to put her to sleep. The removal of other inhumane aspects is also obvious in the ending. Even though Snow White is given the poisonous red apple, the effects do not last forever. She is eventually woken up when she receives a kiss from the Prince, which gives the audience the idea of “happily ever after.” Even though the evil queen does not fare as well, she also benefits from Disney’s soft-hearted version, as she does not actually die, but falls fall from a cliff as the dwarves chase her. Lightning strikes and she fades away. By staying away from the brutal images of death, the Disney version sticks with the innocence of its younger audience. The

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