Disney Parks Executive Report

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Executive Summary The following report uncovers the “Disneyfication” process in the global market while questioning issues of globalization, grobarization, glocalizatin and cultural imperialism affecting the Disney parks around the world. The major emphasis of this report was the cultural awareness and implications starting from the Hong Kong Disneyland case study with a comparison of French, Chinese and Japanese markets. Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons, 2010 analysis strategies are presented as a solution to future localizations, financial management and customer market growth for the iconic American brand. A comparison with the other grobarization processes like McDonaldization, Wal-Martization is considered for a proper investigation of the factors that distinguish Disney Brand on the global market. Despite being a leader in entertainment with a strong managerial structure and traditional roots the organization needs to take into account the technological era and need for innovation in service. The report is concluded with the situation of the Shanghai upcoming Disney park in a search for solutions over a possible cannibalization effect on the Hong Kong Disneyland. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Background: Introduction to Disney History 3 Issue Statement: The Global “Disneyfication” 5 Analysis of the Problem: Disney Parks around the World 6 Tokyo Disneyland 6 Euro Disney or Disneyland Paris 7 Hong Kong Disneyland 8 Alternative Analysis and Selection Criteria 9 Recommendations 11 Action and Implementation Plan 12 References 13 Appendices 15 List of Tables and Figures Figure 1 David, F., 2011, Strategic Management, The Walt Disney Company Internal Report 5 Figure 2 Public Data,2013. “Theme Park Revenues: By Park” Curated by Pro-Forma Advisors 11 Table 1 Countries with the largest shares of FDI inflows 12

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