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Ryan Ramos Beauty and the Beast “Disney version” The Walt Disney version of this starts off with the prince who refuses to shelter and elderly woman who would give him a rose for it, who intern turns him into a beast and if he doesn’t find true love before he is 21 he will die. After some years a girl named Belle moves into a nearby French village with her father Maurice. Maurice is trying to find his way to a fair when a pack of wolves run him off course leading him to the beast’s castle. When he gets inside to hide from the wolves he is imprisoned by the beast. When Belle finds him there she takes his place to let him free. Soon after the beast asks her to come have dinner with here, she quickly refused. She was let out to eat by Lumiere one of the servants. She finds the rose in the forbidden west wing of the castle when the beast saw he chased her when she was attacked by the same wolves but this time the beast saves her. The beast gains feelings for her when she nurses his wounds back to full health. As they spent time together they grew to like each other. When belle had to leave for her father who was in trouble in the woods, Gaston, a man who made a mob to riot against the beast, was going to raid his castle and kill the beast. The beast is too sad to fight back but he sees Belle and regains his courage. Gaston stabs the beast in the back and the plummet off the side of the castle when Belle finally showed she shared the beasts love and he came back to life. Finally braking the spell the servants that had changed to certain objects were restored to their human form. When they finally got too the castle ball room the two danced and the servants watched happily. The Beast finally found true love as well as Belle. Belle’s father was taken home and nursed back to full health as

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