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John Lasseter’s Ethical Dilemma Organizational Behavior 10/16/2011 [Type the company name] Joseph Milstein Summary of Case: John Lasseter was drawn to cartoons in a very young age. He communicated with The Walt Disney Studios when he was in a high school about eventually joining them someday. The studio told Lasseter to receive an excellent art education and learn animation in the studio. John was enrolled in the Character Animation Program at the California Institute of Arts. The classes were taught by creative animation artists who had worked with Walt Disney. Following his education Lasseter joined the staff of Disney animation in 1979 after graduation but his colleagues were businesspeople and not artists. In the early 1980s, he was interested in using computer graphics technologies for animation. Unfortunately, Disney Studio executives were not interested in this concept. However, Lasseter and his colleague were allowed to create a 30-second test-film. The film was presented to the Disney Studio Head and the only questions Lasseter was asked were regarding the costs of production. The costs associated with the computer graphics technologies were about the same as a regular animation. The Studio Head was not interested because it would not save the company any money. After his presentation Lasseter received a call informing him that he was fired. John was recruited to Lucasfilm by Ed Catmull to work on the first cartoon developed with a computer. This studio was bought by Steve Jobs and Pixar Animation Studio was founded. John Lasseter became the chief creative genius. In 2006, Pixar became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney. But Disney stated that Disney wanted to protect Pixar’s culture instead of absorbing into its culture. John Lasseter was a key figure to get the old studio’s computer generated efforts up to par. Now Lasseter oversees

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