Disney Cpm Matrix

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CPM “Competitive profile matrix” is an essential strategic management tool to compare the firm with the major players of the industry. Competitive profile matrix shows the clear picture to the firm about their strong points and weak points relative to their competitors. The CPM score is measured on basis of critical success factors, each factor is measured in same scale mean the weight remain same for every firm only rating varies. The best thing about CPM that it includes your firm and also facilitates to add other competitors make easier the comparative analysis. After doing the research I found that Walt Disney three competitors are listed below: • Time Warner Inc. • CBS Corporation • News Corporation Competitive Analysis Disney is involved in many different industries each of which possess many different competitors. Disney’s largest area of interest rests in media entertainment however, and thus is the area where competitors should be focused on the most. When compared to other players in the industry, Disney is the #2 biggest media conglomerate in the world, only behind Time Warner. Disney owns ABC television network, has roughly around 70 radio stations, and holds stake in networks such as ESPN, and A&E. When it comes to movies, their interests include Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax. As stated before Disney’s biggest competitor is Time Warner. Time Warner provides online subscription services through its American Online segment, as well as different internet technologies, and e-commerce services in the United States and Europe. Time Warner’s T.V. segment boasts quite an impressive portfolio including companies such as Time Warner Cable, which provides digital cable and video on demand services, and owns cable networks including CNN, TBS, and TNT. Other media interests include companies such as Warner
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