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Kickstart pitch Words to use *Retail quality *With your help we can cover the development and production cost Since I was 16, I’ve always had a passion for fashion, music and art. Fashion is what I am interested in mostly and I’ve been working in retail ever since I had my first job. Well, everybody loves music and I think if there was no music, the world would be boring and that’s the same way I feel about art. Love and kush clothing tells a story in comic arts. Every line has written words or sentences that have meaning to the world today and people can relate to. Also lyrics from music we listen to everyday. It just creativity and something different from other urban clothing you see every day. How will the Kickstarter funds be spent? Firstly, the money raised here will pay the people who work at the Beximco factory in Bangladesh. The sewers and factory hands that work with us on this project also benefit from valuable training in up-cycling techniques, and we all exchange knowledge and ideas about how to protect the natural environment around the factory. Any leftover funds will go towards travel costs to and from Bangladesh, shipping the up-shirts to all you lovely backers, and hopefully cover some of the other costs around marketing this project and getting these up-shirts produced. Please feel free to get in touch if you want a more precise breakdown. all part time jobs I had are mostly in retail. I have attended many fashion shows organised by friends and of I find online that interest me. and I have worked together with a few of them with my designs. and of fashion shows I found online that interest me, mostly urban wears. haveLove & kush Rewards For every pledge of £10 or more, you would be receiving a beanie hat and a logo graphic to say thank you. For every pledge of £20 or more, you would be receiving a line and

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