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Disney became the image of childhood, while Cinderella and Snow White became the youthful story of dreams. Tiana slowly made her way into the Disney spotlight. How do these characters, settings and events mold the mind of a child? Snow White The first princess of Disney that will be discussed is Princess Snow White, a heroine and Disney’s first film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was released on February 4, 1937. Snow White was born into royalty. Shortly after her birth her mother passed. Snow White’s father remarried, only to involve himself with a woman who was vain and cold hearted, also a queen as well. Her father also passed shortly after he was married leaving snow white labeled as an orphan. As she grew older, Snow White stepmother has always been jealous of her beauty and feared that Snow White beauty would take over her own beauty. The wicked stepmother dressed Snow White in rags and she had to work as a maid. Each day passing the Queen looked into the mirror and asking “Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?” and the mirror would always say “You are the fairest”, so with that answer always spoken Snow White was in the safe zone from her cruel stepmother jealousy Of all the Disney Princesses Snow White is the gentle and sweetest one. Although naïve, she is helpful and kind. She is a romantic, hard worker who definitely earns her keeps. She loves singing, dancing, and cooking. She enjoys being around animals. Her generosity, which affects her judgment, she is a rule breaker at times even it means helping someone. When first meeting the Dwarfs she was very empathetic towards them because of her recent tragic of losing her parents. Snow White always kept a positive outlook on things even when others were harsh to her. As the fairest of them all, she shows pureness over exquisiteness because of the Queen’s

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