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Investment Project Disney Table of Contents Introduction 3 Robert Iger 3 Pixar 3 Marval 4 LucasFilm 5 Disney Studios 6 Parks and Resorts 6 Media Networks 7 Price to Earnings Ratio 8 Share Price 9 Competition 10 Intrinsic Value 11 Recommendation 12 References 14 Introduction Disney is a company that has transformed itself from primarily a children’s cartoon company to the most powerful entertainment conglomerate in the world. The biggest reason for this is because of its current CEO and the direction he has taken the company. He has turned around the core of the company along with making key acquisitions. It’s this reason that I recommend Disney as buy even with its current run up in the stock because the future growth of the company looks brighter than ever. Investments in key areas of the business should pay off for years to come as Disney improves and profits from each sector of its company. Also Disney has shown that they are committed to returning its profits to shareholders through aggressive dividends and share buybacks. Robert Iger Robert A. Iger, has been serving as CEO of Disney since 2005 and now also serves as its Chairman. Iger started his career at Disney in 1974 working at ABC before moving to ABC sports and later ESPN. Iger also oversaw programing for Lifetime, A&E and The History Channel (Business Week, 2013) Iger’s experience with ABC and ESPN is crucial since more than 66% of Disney’s operating income comes from its media networks. (Disney 2012 10-K, p.33) Iger is well respected in the business world as a whole and also serves on the board of Apple, however Iger wasn’t always as popular as he is today. Pixar Iger took over as CEO of Disney in 2005 after multiple failures from its previous CEO Michael Eisner and he didn’t waste anytime. During his first board meeting he showed up with a plan

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