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The Walt Disney Co. FINA 4200.002 Nick Camp Nick Meyer Muddasir Sultan Theme: The Walt Disney Co. is an enigma in these rough economic times for the sole purpose that they show minimal signs of slowing down. Mickey Mouse has his hands dipped into everything and from an investor’s standpoint that’s a good thing because that equals diversification, and in turn, diversification lowers risk. The Disney Company operates in several areas of the media and entertainment industry. They have recently acquired Pixar, which consistently provides box office record sales with their animated films. Along media entertainment lines, Disney also operates dominant media channels ABC and ESPN. These are two channels that carry with them a strong loyal following. Sports have always been America’s past time and it’s unlikely to see them ever declining or the viewership that goes along with it. People have always poured capital into sports and will continue to for many centuries to come. Aside from Disney’s ventures, investors focus and confidence should be in the trademark of Disney. Characters such as Mickey Mouse and Buzz Light-year are icons that will never be lost in the pages of time. Kids and adults alike will always want to participate in the next big thing the company has to offer and these kinds of expectations will always lead to Disney having a stable stock price and even unstable in the positive manner because the growth potential is limitless for this company. You can see that limitless with the many franchises Disney has under its wing. For example, the company has a pretty expansive retail line whether it is Pirates of the Caribbean or High School Musical or any of the other hundreds of brands they own and they only receive 6% of overall revenue from their retail lines, but that 6% is the equivalence to $30 billion according to

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