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Case 20: The Walt Disney Company Bus413/4Case 20: The Walt Disney Company Bus413/499 Strategic Management Ashleigh Custer 1) The corporate strategy of Disney was centered on creating high-quality family content, exploiting technological innovations to make entertainment experiences more memorable, and international expansion. Disney’s corporate strategy also called for sufficient capital to be allocated to its core theme parks and resorts business to sustain its advantages in the industry. They also attempted to capture synergies existing between its business units. Disney’s corporate strategy was effectively implanted. The company was successful at creating the synergies by showing some of their highest grossing films at the company’s Florida and California theme parks. Disney has diversified their company, and has expanded into theme parks, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, cable networks, television production, live action and animated motion picture production and distribution, music publishing, live theatrical performances, children’s books, and consumer products retailing. 2) I feel that by becoming so diversified in several different industries Disney will continue to have a competitive advantage. When it comes to the industry of media and entertainment is always going to be a need for the family programming for children and families. People know just by the name Disney that you can trust that they are family movies, and movies your children and you can enjoy. I also think that the company focused on a strategic fit, and by doing this they have opportunities for cross-business sharing or transferring of the resources and capabilities that enable these activities, and they have already seen the results of some of these. I think that the industries they chose will continue to have a demand in the future. Parks and resorts are attractive to a large

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