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Disney’s Magic Store YVES A GAUCHIER HAOBIN LI MKTG-522-68313 FINAL PAPER EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Based on today’s market economics, we are planning to open a business that named “Neighborhood’s DISNEY’S MAGIC STORE IN QUEENS.” We are looking to do two things. First, this is the location; we attempt to strengthen our product qualities and images. Secondly, we are in this area to enhance profits over the next years. With the focus on gaining more exposure and becoming the next business that the individual customers really trust, and will gain brand loyalty which will increase the sales significantly. Thus, our targeting market will be for young children, adults, families and tourists. When searching what the customers are buying, our products or services are going to be successful. The marketing teams need to concentrate on the area where the products or services are most purchased. The demographics that we want to reach are children and adults who are five and forty years old. We also want to lay out our products and services in 60% of the market. Then, we would like to involve in all states and open up in so many more opportunities in other areas. SITUATION ANALYSIS: It is essential to conduct some form of analysis before developing the marketing strategy. The analysis will be an important factor of any business or marketing plan. The core products and services will include the followings: • Children’s’ clothes and Toys • Souvenirs, and Collection Features • Entertainments ’videos, Music’s, Videos, and Games • Winnie the Pooh, the Muppets, the Disney Fairies, and the Mickey Mouse Club House. Most importantly, our business will have its own unique selections and shopping opportunities. MARKETING SUMMARY: Marketing is a concept that leads to businesses and individual groups to obtain what

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