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The author’s point is that the world of Disney World, a world of amusement is an artificial programmed environment that programs the needs of consumers, combining it with consumption. In turn, as becoming a part of the value system of Disney World play and spontaneity are negated to conform to the park’s program. One point the author makes is that everything in Disney World’s environment is artificial, including animals. She mentions how she saw two children hovering over a snake only for their mother to remark is was a “fake” because the existence of a real snake was impossible. The author then remarks how the Disney environment is similar to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – where all the animal life has been exterminated, but replaced by the production of simulacra…” (651). Another point the author makes is that Disney even makes a consumerist appeal to nonconformists who think they are not assimilating to the programmed world of Disney, are in fact conforming to the Disney program. By buying the “bad-guy merchandise” the nonconformists become assimilated consumers. “Amusement is the commodified negation of play…At Disney World, the world’s most highly developed private property ‘state’ devoted to amusement, play is all but eliminated by the absolute domination of program over spontaneity” (652, para.1). “...the park’s unwritten motto: ‘If you pay, you shouldn’t play.’ To get your money’s worth, you have to do everything and do it in the prescribed manner. Free play is gratuitous and therefore a waste of the family’s leisure time expenditure” (653, para. 2). The author’s point is very interesting and what I found even more interesting was how the author remarked, “Every ride asks the family to evaluate each of its member’s needs of security and independence.” I never realized this before, but at every theme park I attend with a group, my

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