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Walt Disney’s Journey to Success Who made Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Peter Pan? I’m sure you have probably already guessed it; and yes, his name is Walt Disney. Disney was an extraordinary person and I am going to tell you how he came to be so great. Walt was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the youngest of five children (Roy, Herbert, and Raymond, and Ruth). His parent’s names were Flora and Elias. Walt and his family lived on their uncle’s farm in Missouri and Walt loved the animals. When he called his chicken’s name it would lay an egg right in his hand. In school Walt would never pay attention to his teachers; he just sat there and drew pictures. Most of the time he would draw these pictures on toilet paper so they would not be reserved. When Walt’s brothers were old enough, they left home only leaving a note behind. They had gone to Kansas City to make a better life for themselves. A short time after the boys left, the pigs on the farm were diagnosed with a bacterial infection. Roy and Walt decided to auction off their farm so they could earn enough money to move to Kansas City, pay off debts and get rid of the sick animals. Walt’s first job in Kansas City was delivering newspapers at ten years old for his father who now owned the local newspaper. Shortly after this job, Walt’s father wanted to sell the newspaper to his son Herbert so he could work in a jelly factory with his friend. Shortly after the Disney’s had moved, Walt got a job as a “newsbutcher” by lying about his age. This job involved selling cigarettes, soda, newspapers, and candy. That year was said to be one of the best years of Disney’s life. In the fall of 1917 he went to McKinley High School in Chicago. Walt’s drawings were pictured in the school newspaper and people had made fun of him for it. He did not want to be laughed at, so he started taking

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