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Disney The Disney Corporation is world renown with one of the most popular, and most thought about when hearing the word "Disney", being their theme parks. Disney has a number of things that need to happen each and every day to make the theme parks run smoothly and properly. To pull this off, managers at the theme park need to make sure that each cast member is doing the right thing at the right time. This is not an easy feat when the managers have to take into consideration all of the external and internal factors that can have an impact on how they manage each day. Internal and external factors influence how management makes decisions on planning, organizing, leading, and controlling their areas of influence. These factors also have influence on globalization, technology, ethics, diversity, and innovation of the business. At Disney, it all started with Walt Disney himself. Globalization The vision of Walt Disney was to see a worldwide success of the company that he had created in 1923. Beginning slow with cartoons and short films, the Walt Disney Company began to gain recognition and achievement, which led into the creating of television programs, full length cartoon movies, and the advancement of a worldwide appreciation for what, was being produced and distributed. After several years of planning and construction on a 400 acre plot of land in California, Disneyland was opened on July 17, 1955 as a place where parents and children could go and have fun together, and since the opening has seen hundreds of millions of visitors pass through its gates. With the continued advancement by the company’s management team, Walt Disney’s vision was advanced further when 28,000 acres of land was bought and set apart for the building of its newest theme park and on October 1, 1971 Disneyworld opened to the public. Walt Disney Imagineering, the

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